Bidding goodbye to winter with fuzzy socks, good books.. and did I mention tea?


Tea winterIt’s time for the guest post again! And guess who graciously offered to pen another interesting tea tale? None other than my dear friend and fellow chaivanist, Roshni.

Couple weeks ago, I got a text from her and we had our monthly catch up session. From cute puppies in her neighbourhood to the latest tea collection I stocked up, we spoke about everything under the sun and then came the lamenting…

Being from the part of the world which has not experienced winter, let alone snow, both of us were started pouring out our woes on how many times we slipped on ice barely missing the lamp post on the side walk, how bed was our best friend and most of all, going under the weather. As we neared the end of out conversation, I asked her if she could pen down her experience and be a guest writer for…

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