Paid attractions to visit in New York City

Like I said in my post about free things to do in NYC, there’s a ton of stuff you can do in New York that might break your bank a teeny tiny bit! However, that doesn’t mean these aren’t fun experiences. Think of NYC and comes to mind is the big buildings, bagels and coffeeContinue reading “Paid attractions to visit in New York City”

5 things to do in New York City in one day

Us west-coasters never much enjoy long, tiring flights to the east coast, albeit to make a visit to the majestic Big Apple. New York city is so vast and filled with such wonderful spots to be able to fit into a month-long visit, let alone a day or two. But, if you’re like me andContinue reading “5 things to do in New York City in one day”

Bidding goodbye to winter with fuzzy socks, good books.. and did I mention tea?

Originally posted on CHAIVANISM:
? It’s time for the guest post again! And guess who graciously offered to pen another interesting tea tale? None other than my dear friend and fellow chaivanist, Roshni. Couple weeks ago, I got a text from her and we had our monthly catch up session. From cute puppies in her…

My travel guide to the Grand Canyon

Ever since I moved to the US, I’ve taken it upon myself to travel more and experience more new places. The different seasons adding new charm to known places and bringing more adventure to newer ones never ceases to fascinate me. Growing up in Chennai, I’ve only experienced the hottest of weathers except for thoseContinue reading “My travel guide to the Grand Canyon”

Two is company, one-by-two is friendship : A tale of two Chaivanists

Originally posted on CHAIVANISM:
Hope you liked the clumsy yet memorable encounter with tea sommelier in my last post. This blog post is a guest article by my dear friend, former colleague and a true fellow CHAIVANIST! Our mutual love for tea was the sole reason we noticed each other in a place that had…

My journey with Whole30: Results, what I learnt, and how I was challenged

Ever since high school, I steadily started gaining weight with terrible eating habits I’d developed along with difficult college hours, exams, assignments, and what not. Although, fortunately, I never struggled with obesity or any health issues, I realized that a lot of junk food had made their way into my everyday routine. And for yearsContinue reading “My journey with Whole30: Results, what I learnt, and how I was challenged”

Chapter San Diego: Of sea, sand, and surreal sunsets

With a plan jotted down on a notebook, and a map saved offline, it was going to be another day with another exciting new (weekend) journey. It started with the groggy, hungry, and airsick me silently requesting my stomach to hold on to some dignity for the two-hour long journey from Seattle to San Diego.Continue reading “Chapter San Diego: Of sea, sand, and surreal sunsets”