Two is company, one-by-two is friendship : A tale of two Chaivanists

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Hope you liked the clumsy yet memorable encounter with tea sommelier in my last post. This blog post is a guest article by my dear friend, former colleague and a true fellow CHAIVANIST! Our mutual love for tea was the sole reason we noticed each other in a place that had…

My journey with Whole30: Results, what I learnt, and how I was challenged

Ever since high school, I steadily started gaining weight with terrible eating habits I’d developed along with difficult college hours, exams, assignments, and what not. Although, fortunately, I never struggled with obesity or any health issues, I realized that a lot of junk food had made their way into my everyday routine. And for yearsContinue reading “My journey with Whole30: Results, what I learnt, and how I was challenged”

Chapter San Diego: Of sea, sand, and surreal sunsets

With a plan jotted down on a notebook, and a map saved offline, it was going to be another day with another exciting new (weekend) journey. It started with the groggy, hungry, and airsick me silently requesting my stomach to hold on to some dignity for the two-hour long journey from Seattle to San Diego.Continue reading “Chapter San Diego: Of sea, sand, and surreal sunsets”

‘Distract yourself’

“I think I’m sad.” “Why? You have a happy family, a good job. You’re following your dreams. How could you even be sad! Stop overthinking.” And I did. Stopped overthinking. Tried to shut my thoughts. My mind, like a puppeteer, kept controlling, overpowering, and diminishing my every last ounce of sanity, self-worth, strength, and energy.Continue reading “‘Distract yourself’”

Letting go

It’s almost midnight. The rain still softly falls on the windowsill, the blades of the ceiling fan turn slowly just enough to keep the buzzing mosquitoes away. The trivial noises fill my ears for they don’t know my thoughts are narcissistic. My thoughts demand to be heard as they keep getting louder with every spinContinue reading “Letting go”

As I walk home from the station everyday, I’m repeatedly looking over my shoulder

It was another night after a long day’s work. The bus was late and I reached Nungambakkam railway station at 9.20 pm — the time I usually walk home from my destination railway station. Concerned calls from my family come every single night ever since that fateful day poor 24-year-old Swathi was hacked to deathContinue reading “As I walk home from the station everyday, I’m repeatedly looking over my shoulder”

Do we have the “luxury” of ignorance with workplace sexual harassment?

As I sat alone in this lonely, dingy office away from all the action I was missing, my new boss calls for me from his oh-so-huge cabin. And the first thing he sees, are my breasts.