When rudeness becomes the workplace norm

Insults, rudeness, sadistic sarcasm, personal attacks, incivility, yelling, belittling, and demeaning remarks at workplace can hold back anyone who’s otherwise a hard worker. The self doubt ritual that arises from the aforementioned behaviour of a leader or a boss, overshadows all the confidence one has accumulated little by little over a period of time. AContinue reading “When rudeness becomes the workplace norm”

​The demoralised and demonetised desi millennial

I am a millennial. One of the loathsome, entitled, rebels born in the ‘90s. And in the Indian context, I’m the most conniving, self-indulgent adult-kid (one who’s not allowed to make decisions but is expected to decide and not be taken seriously all the same) who knows not to respect people, let alone money. AccordingContinue reading “​The demoralised and demonetised desi millennial”

The memories of a present long gone

​As I read about the ceasefire violations along the LoC, militant infiltration, army retaliation, thoughts ran wild. I had just finished reading Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer. The average Kasmiri days are filled with events of civilians getting killed, pellet wounds. The ‘heaven on earth’ where normalcy is crippled and loses all meaning with curfewedContinue reading “The memories of a present long gone”

Nungambakkam at night: Has Swathi changed it all for us suburban commuters?

It was 9 pm and Nungambakkam railway station was in its normal Friday night torpor of tired commuters going home, shop-keepers checking the clock and the lighting in power save mode. Only, this was not any other day. Earlier in the morning, this station had hit the national headlines for the gruesome murder of aContinue reading “Nungambakkam at night: Has Swathi changed it all for us suburban commuters?”

“Times are changing, and people too”

Somehow found comfort in this quote, irrespective the situation. You’re positive, the quote calls for a reality check. You’re negative, the quote calls for a little pep talk. And like all things, there’s a grey area, the in-between, the funzone for chaos. Somewhere in those six words lies an inexplicable mixture of hope and pain.Continue reading ““Times are changing, and people too””